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20 Febbraio 2015

Happy Birthday, TA!

Today, the 20th of February, Ticinum Aerospace celebrates its first birthday. We as a start-up were indeed born on the same day on 2014. Looking back to our -still short- life, we can’t be but satisfied: not only we got more contracts than expected, we were involved in educational activities […]
23 Dicembre 2014

Ticinum Aerospace awarded a Gold Medal

On 11th December 2014, during a Ceremony held at the Chambre of Commerce in Pavia, our Company was awarded a gold medal and a certificate as a “most innovative company”, “both in product and in process” among the many companies from the province of Pavia, which applied for the Chambre […]
18 Settembre 2014

Ticinum Aerospace contributed to the 2014 edition of Data Fusion Summer School

The “Pavia 2014 International Summer School on “Data Fusion of Risk-related Remotely Sensed and Geospatial Data” is the fourth in a series of International Summer Schools on Data Fusion held at the University of Pavia in September, following the first edition in 2011 on “Data Fusion and High Performance Computing”, […]
25 Giugno 2014

Ticinum Aerospace will give a presentation at the “Big Data Event” in Pavia

Ticinum Aerospace will give a presentation on Big Data from Space at the University of Pavia event on “Big Data” to be held on the 1st of July 2014. The presentation will focus on the science and business opportunities coming from the Space Data Deluge generated by countless sensors exploring […]